Two Penises, One Vagina; How It Feels

Having two penises in the vagina means double the fun. One of the other benefits of this is the fact that the men can penetrate the ass and vagina of the woman at the same time. Most men need the assistance of a dildo in order to please their partner this way. The most essential thing to take into account is that it is not ideal to push the penis in the vagina and then put it in the ass. If the men switch it back and forth, the girl is going to get germs which can lead to serious infections. This is something that she is not going to appreciate.

There are men who have two penises and they are at an advantage since they get to experience extra fun. He can choose to masturbate with one penis while having sex with the girl using the other one. If you are well coordinated as well, it will be interesting to cum at the same time. You can also have sex with her in missionary position and then cum on her stomach or boobs with the other penis.

Putting two penises in one vagina means that both guys need to practice. The trick here is not to get them in all at once as this is not going to get you anywhere. For this, you should have one man use theirs, and then please her for a while until she is relaxed and when her vagina is stretched out and she wants some more, remove your inserted dick most of the way and then push the other penis alongside. Press the second head of the penis against the shaft inside and start pushing both of them together inside the vagina.

The men should be slow and use lubrication. Keep pushing steadily until you are able to get the second cock head inside. Rest for a while and let the girl stretch again and then push onward. Once both penises have worked up inside her, you can then have sex as normal. She is going to enjoy the fullness while both of you will love the extra pressure that is exerted by her vagina. The friction of one penis also rubbing against the other inside her will be a pleasurable feeling.

With that in mind, it is vital for both males to be comfortable with this since their penis will get in contact with each other. Have a fantasy threesome at

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